Sub-bottom profiles processing and interpretation made easy.

  • Blazing fast signal, navigation and statics processing.
  • Cores and boreholes integration.
  • Interactive contacts picking with automatic depth calculation.
  • 3D surfaces generated from reflectors.
  • Export processed data to SEG-Y.


Process and render data at full resolution, without down-sampling. This means more accurate processing and crisp images without any compromises.


SeaView SBP is designed to deliver the best performance. It uses all the processing power available thanks to its multi-threaded 64 bit processing engine.



Available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Use your workstation, laptop or desktop PC with the operating system you prefer. SeaView SBP will fit.


Powerful and fast processing tools

  • Supports SEG-Y (rev 0, 1 and 2), XTF and JSF data formats.
  • Static corrections including heave compensation, tide compensation and swell filters applied in real time.
  • Always process data at full resolution and with full dynamic range. No compromises, better results.
  • Data processing compatible with both envelope and RAW data formats.
  • Connected windows: processing performed in waterfall view is immediately reported in 3D view and vice-versa.
Before and after beam angle correction and de-striping

SBP 2D window with interpretation, cores and processing tools.

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  • Full resolution processing for better interpretation.
  • Combine high and low frequency datasets to create stunning and detailed imagery.
  • Integrate raster and vector charts, sonar data, core logs and SBP data all within the same project.
  • Pick and edit targets on both 2D and 3D views.
  • Advanced navigation processing with smoothing operators, layback and geometry corrections.
  • Powerful processing modules including filters, gain recovery and more.
  • Interactive 2D view with zooming and panning tools, signal plot, trace inspector and integrated processing tools.
  • Create detailed contact reports easily. Supported data formats include PDF, Open Office or HTML documents.