Side scan sonar processing and interpretation made easy.

  • Interactive navigation editing: remove spikes, adjust pings positions and heading.
  • High dynamic color control: change contrast, color palette and transparency on the fly.
  • Change display range, trim and split lines, interactively.
  • 3D Playback mode, especially designed for pipelines.


Process and render data at full resolution, without down-sampling. This means more accurate processing and crisp images without any compromises.


SeaView MOSAIC is designed to deliver the best performance. It uses all the processing power available thanks to its multi-threaded 64 bit processing engine.



Available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Use your workstation, laptop or desktop PC with the operating system you prefer. SeaView MOSAIC will fit.


Data examples


Powerful and fast processing tools

  • Proprietary Beam Angle Correction algorithm performs incredible radiometric corrections with ease.
  • Powerful de-striping algorithm removes any striping artifact quickly and effectively.
  • Always process data at full resolution and with high dynamic range. No compromises, better results.
  • Radiometric correction performed at higher dynamic range: no more black lines at the nadir zone.
  • Connected windows: processing performed in waterfall view is immediately reported in map view and vice-versa.
Before and after beam angle correction and de-striping

Before and after beam angle correction and de-striping.

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  • Full resolution processing allow the detection of even the smaller targets.
  • Combine high and low frequency datasets to create stunning and detailed imagery.
  • Easily compare different surveys with the real time transparency control.
  • Generate coverage maps and reports with just one click.
  • Pick and edit targets directly on the mosaic, avoiding duplicates.
  • Advanced navigation processing with smoothing operators, layback and geometry corrections.
  • Powerful processing operators including BAC, TVG, AGC, de-striping, noise removal and more.
  • Interactive waterfall view with zooming and panning tools, signal plot, ping inspector and integrated back scattering processing tools.
  • Easy creation of stunning contact reports: export data to several formats including PDF, Open Office or HTML documents.