Simple and easy to use 3D GIS environment.


MAP is the foundation of the SeaView suite, providing a modular GIS environment to work with all your geophysical data.


SeaView MAP always delivers the best performance, no matter how big or complex your GIS database is. Do more, quickly.



Available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Use your workstation, laptop or desktop PC with the operating system you prefer. SeaView MAP will fit.

  • Powerful interactive 2D and 3D visualization engine with easy and intuitive controls.
  • Interactive annotation and drawing tools to draw custom shapes.
  • Extended set of options to render and export high quality rasters and vector features.
  • Fully compatible with local coordinate systems including State Plane projections.

Explore the other modules of the SeaView GIS suite.


Real-time processing, interpretation and mosaicking.


Processing and visualization tool for magnetometer datasets.


Processing and interpretation tool for subbottom profiles.


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